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What Credit Card Companies Don't Want You To Know
Watch this MAXED OUT Video

Credit Card Tips

Foreclosed home

Don't Get Tricked Into a Card with Bad Terms
Here are some tips from
American for Fairness in Lending

Avoid Late Fees
Pay in Full
Don't Go Over Your Credit Limit
Beware of Costly Cash Advance

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Federal Reserve Board Announced final rules that prohibit financial institutions from charging consumer fees for paying overdrafts on ATM and one time debt card transaction, unless consumer consents, opts in, to the overdraft service for those types of transactions.

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5 tips for Dealing with a Home Equity Line Freeze or Prediction
Learn about consumers' rights and lenders' responsibilities when credit lines are reduced and provides information for those seeking to have a credit line reinstated from the Federal Reserve Bank

Free Loan Modification Clinics

Download the list of Clinics
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Project Lifeline
This new program called Project Lifeline is designed to assist all borrowers, not just homeowners stuck in high-rate sub prime loans...
Hope Now
HOPE NOW is a cooperative effort between counselors, investors, and lenders to maximize outreach efforts to homeowners in distress.
Your Home, IRS and Taxes
Borrowers facing foreclosure may also be required to pay certain taxes with the IRS, but many may be eligible...

no paws left behind
If you are facing foreclosure, think of your pets. Large and small

Congratulations !

You have taken the first step towards protecting yourself against predatory financial practices,and many types of rescue scams. You have empowered yourself to get the education and resources you need to understand your options and make the best financial decisions!

 Don’t Borrow Trouble® Pima County (DBT®PC) is a program of Southwest Fair Housing Council. It is an unbiased, non-profit agency that knows the programs, products and people throughout Arizona. 

THe DBT®PC purpose is a two-pronged program. It combines an extensive state wide public education campaign with referral services to community services to help individual and families get the information they need to make informed choices as well as avoid all types of loan scams.

DBT®PC resources can help you understand your options when it comes to the education and resources for all aspects of home ownership, fair lending, credit, credit cards, fraudulent mortgage rescue scams, foreclosure intervention and prevention strategies and options. With the right information, you can discern the credible from the disreputable and identify the best options for you and your family. 
This web site is designed to help you learn about Predatory Lending Practices, the Arizona Foreclosure process, Foreclosure Options and Scams, Financial Education and Resources and community resources. The services provided are FREE.

The goal is to empower our communities - arming you with the information and resources so that you can use to make the best financial informed decision(s).

Prioritizing Your Debts

As you think about getting control of your debt and or getting out of debt, you may want to prioritize the debt. According to About.com it is suggested to list the items that will impact you the most when lost or taken from you. For example, one list may show the following as priority:
       * All Mortgage payments
       * Property Taxes
       * Home Owners Insurance
       * Auto Loans
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Wondering How to Make a Get-Out-of-Debt Plan?
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Facing the Mortgage Crisis

Experts from the Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Task Force, the Arizona Attorney General's Office and the Arizona Department of Housing will explain the options for homeowners threatened with foreclosure.
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NeighborWorks put together a video on foreclosure rescue scams

Watch this video. Learn the signs of a foreclosure rescue scam and where to get free help.
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Download the New Pima County Foreclosure Prevention Workbook

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Download the Updated Az Foreclosure Information Workbook

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Be sure to visit the Resources page

On the Calendar page you will find events for the consumer as well as professionals who want to stay abreast of changes in consumer credit and in particular home ownership impact of foreclosures on our community. Events are added and updated frequently, so this is a valuable resource for keeping up to date. Speaking of resources, not only is the Resources page a great starting place for additional information, but the Coalition Members page also demonstrates the involvement of other organizations dedicated to helping the consumer and professional.

New Resource ... Know Your Rights
The State of Arizona, Department of Real Estate, has enacted a "Home Buyers' Bill Of Rights" to protect and educate the home buyer in making a better informed decision regarding their home purchase. It includes questions you may not have thought to ask and what the answers mean to you, the home buyer. Click here.
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